Want to learn more about how you can support the Hub City Contra?  Here are a few ways you can help.

  • Donate.  Though our monthly contras are free, there is a suggested donation of $5.  We take cash or card.  We are a Non-profit organization and appreciate any donations to help us “keep the lights on.”


  • Follow us on Facebook & Instagram.  Like, comment, & share from our social media to help spread the news.


  • Subscribe to our YouTube Channel.  Watch the different dances and tunes we’ve recorded over the years!


  • Sign up for our Newsletter.  Stay up-to-date with all of our Contra News!


  • Contra Crew – Sign up as a volunteer. Contra Crew is a group of volunteers with Hub City Contra who help promote, organize, and set up each contra. Contra Crew members sign up to help with a variety of tasks, such as showing up early to set up the dance spaces, staying after to tear down, and promoting each dance in between dates with flyers and social media. Contra Crew is a fantastic opportunity to get involved and help grow and improve Hub City Contra. Specific volunteer duties include:
          • Sweeping floor (pre-dance)
          • Setting up decorations/lights
          • Setting up/Manning Welcome Table
          • Assisting in collection of donations
          • Sweeping floor (post-dance)
          • Collecting trash/Recycling
          • Street Team (Distributing Flyers/Online Promotions)


HCC @ ICC Summer Dance Series. Photo: Javier Lopez