Our callers help lead the dancers with fun and interesting dances that they’ve researched.

Some of our standard repertoire include the “Heartbeat Contra,” “A Nice Combination” by Gene Hubert, and “Airpants.”

Photo: January 2018 | Heather Beltz

Meet our lead caller: Morgan White

Morgan started dancing and teaching various folk dances in 2010 when she joined her local Border Morris team, Caprock Morris. She danced with the Texas Tech Set Dancers from 2011-2018 as well as danced and sang with the TTU Celtic Ensemble from 2010-2018.

Since then she has attended Pinewoods, BACDS Fall Frolick, FolkMADS, and nearby dance weekends to learn how to be a better dancer and caller. She started calling for Hub City Contra in 2017.

We do encourage guest calling and have had a few guest callers! If you are interested in guest calling, please email our Lead Caller, Morgan White at

Previous Callers:

Ben Robinette is one of the founders of Hub City Contra and the first caller,
calling from August 2015 – December 2017! He has many years of both dancing and music experience, both in classical and folk traditions.

“Ben welcoming the group to the new venue!” – August 24, 2017 (2 Year Anniversary)

Photo: Roger Landes
Anne Wharton has many years of dance experience, both in the classical and folk traditions. Currently her research surrounds the BalFolk tradition, and she teaches these dances through BalFolk Lubbock.

She called for Hub City Contra from 2017-2019.

Photo: December 2017 | Heather Beltz
Jaren Olive has many years of dance experience, including running 2 Lubbock social dance groups – Caprock Morris and the Lubbock Scottish Country Dance.

He called for Hub City Contra from 2018-2019.

Photo: August 2018 (3 Year Anniversary) | Heather Beltz
Suze St. John guest called at our October 2018 Contra!  We are very honored that she came out to Lubbock, TX not only to call for our contra, but she gave a master class in calling!

Photo: October 2018, Costume Contest | Micheal Stephenson

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